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We are happy to offer our guests INCREDIBLE ALL-INCLUSIVE RATES. No matter what room you choose, our exclusive retreat rates include three whole weeks of Ayurvedic massage and body treatments, delicious and healthy Ayurvedic meals, multiple appointments and check-ins with the resident physician, Dr. Mouli, daily herbs and tinctures, daily yoga and meditation classes, Kirtan, Drumstory, Ayurvedic lectures, cooking classes, sunrise walks, and so much more! To compliment your retreat experience, choose from several room types, including standard, deluxe glass, exclusive glass cottages, and even an entire villa, if you wish! Our variety of accommodations and rates offers you the perfect room for your needs and tastes. Accommodations are available on a first registered, first choice basis.

Rates below are PER PERSON. Please note rates reflect DOUBLE occupancy; for single occupancy rooms and cottages, please add $400 to the below rates. Rates are subject to increase September 1, 2020. Please contact Katie to determine which room type is best for you:



Glass Cottage: $4,195 (only 3 left!)

Each of the four cottages is unique, beautifully appointed with a writing desk and wardrobe, a queen or king sized bed, a large bathroom, private stoop entryway, and is perfect for a couple or someone who enjoys a little more personal space. Closest to the yoga hall, and very central on campus, the cottages are the perfect combination of privacy and proximity to treatment rooms, dining areas, library, and gardens. (Price, per person, is based on double occupancy; for single occupancy rates, add $400.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 11.59.50.png

Deluxe “Glass” Room: $3,795

These rooms are a little larger than the deluxe rooms, and because of their location on campus they are more central to the yoga hall, treatment rooms, dining areas, laundry, and gardens. They are given the title “glass” room because each has windows that offer a panoramic view of the gardens and nearby mountains. Each room has a private bathroom, writing desk, wardrobe, and opens up to a shared veranda overlooking the retreat. There are only ten of these rooms available. (Price, per person, is based on double occupancy; for single occupancy rates, add $400.)

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Standard “Deluxe” Room: SOLD OUT

This is a spacious and simple room with a small private bathroom located on the lower portion of the retreat campus, farthest away from the yoga hall, dining room, treatment rooms, and garden areas. Each room has a small window, wardrobe, and a writing desk or table. There are only three of these rooms available. Not suggested for those with mobility issues. (Price, per person, is based on double occupancy; for single occupancy rates, add $400.)

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Please contact us if you are interested in residing in one of the two luxury villas during your stay, and we can furnish you with single and double occupancy rates.

Ayurveda India Retreat
February 14, 2020 - March 6, 2020
Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India